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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) instructions Before Tarek Mentouri seemed to be known in Nashville as being a massage physical therapist within criminal investigation for improper sexual behavior towards shoppers plus job seekers, MTV people knew him like Issac, a man revealed on the show “Catfish” for pretending to become someone he / she wasn’t.

The popular TV show attributes hosts tracking down persons who make-believe to become someone they are not, frequently in romantic circumstances with others, and providing together often the target in addition to the “catfish. ”

In the 2015 instance, Mentouri admitted to convincing a young woman he / she had disseminated with on the internet that he / she was someone else, transmitting the girl a new fake image.

“You don’t think there are something wrong with deceiving people? ” asked the woman seen as Courtney.

“No, I actually didn’t know exactly what to think, I did not feel comfortable at first of all. We became caught, ” Mentouri mentioned. ” This specific was dishonest and I include to apologize. ”

In the episode, Mentouri talks with regards to teaching to come to be a good massage practitioner.

“I’m working with a massage therapy license. I’ve got a conveyable table I have used for decades in a lot of buddies, ” Mentouri said.

News4 Investigates has reported the fact that fifteen women in Midsection Tn have come onward claiming Mentouri exhibited incompatible sexual behavior during cooking and employment interviews.

Mentouri repeatedly advised News4 Investigates he’s done nothing improper.

Our exploration also found that women filed complaints with the state team of health as far back as 2017, nevertheless the state did definitely not revoke his license until finally this kind of August.

It suggests women continuously went to be able to Mentouri for massages, plus experienced what they illustrate as sexual assault, without knowing the state was doing an investigation into him.

In a reports conference that week, News4 Investigates was able to ask Dr. Lisa Piercey, commissioner of the office of health, about their investigation.

“Many of the women are upset with the state asking exactly why did this carry so very long? Do you possess answers as to so why this took so longer? ” asked News4 Investigates.

“I’m unfamiliar with often the case you’re referencing, but I can unequivocally tell you that it is unacceptable at every sole level for a practioner to own any incompatible contact using a new buyer or customer. I want to thank that heads right up, and I’ll be convinced to take that returning to licensure, ” Piercey mentioned.

“But is that suitable to you for it taking this kind of long in order to have a hearing that certainly is this serious? ” News4 Investigates asked.

“I would not comment on the warrants of this case until all of us know extra, ” Piercey said.

마사지 ’d like for you to talk to you when you find out, ” News4 Investigates said.

“Sure, ” Piercey said.

But when News4 Investigates asked today with regard to an meeting, a speaker for the division regarding health said PIercey was not available, writing, “Even in case founded, every breach does not rise to typically the level of the interruption or even reversal, overturning, annulment of the practitioner’s license. Investigations can end up being complex and devote some time, especially as new witnesses or perhaps allegations come to light. ”

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